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Help us protect Pactola Reservoir ! 


​At least two companies, Mineral Mountain Resources (now actively drilling on private land in the PeSla/Rochford area) and F3 Gold, are exploring in the central Black Hills. The current deadlines have to do with F3 Gold’s effort to get permission from the Forest Service to drill for gold at 42 locations in the Jenny Gulch area north of Silver City and directly upstream from Lake Pactola’s inlet. Pactola is a reservoir that supplies water to Rapid City and surrounding areas.

February 5th is the Forest Service comment deadline for the F3 scoping process to begin.

It would be in our best interest that Rapid City Council passes a resolution against gold exploration/mining. Take action as their constituent and voice your concern. Our Voices Count. Our Votes Count.

Act[tions] of Kindness for Grandmother Earth and her Mni (Water).

  • ●  Take Action - Wednesday, January 29, at 12:30 pm. Attend the City’s Legal and Finance Committee meeting to show your interest in the resolution. City Council chambers, second floor of City Hall, 6th St./Omaha St.

  • ●  Take Action - February 3, at 6:30 pm. Attend the City Council meeting and Sign Up to Speak. You will have 3 minutes to say why you support the resolution. We need a LOT of people there and a LOT of people to sign up to speak. City Council chambers, second floor of City Hall, 6th St./Omaha St.

  • ●  Take Action - Let your family, friends and networks know about these meetings/actions. Encourage them to voice their concerns, also.

  • ●  Take Action - Contact City Council members. Ask them to support the water protection resolution. This is really important! You can find their names, e-mails, and phone number at

  • ●  Give Mayor Allender a chat at 394-4110 and ask him to support the resolution and other efforts to protect water.

  • ●  Take Action - Wednesday, February 5, our voices matter. Send in your public comments to the BH National Forest Service on the proposed gold exploration project as soon as possible. Feb. 5th is the deadline. Public comments can be email to Include in the

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