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We are participating with the Rapid City Auto Show to showcase Electric cars ! We will be located over by Prairie's Edge Gallery. We will be there on October 2, 2021 from 5pm-8pm. We are planning on having several plug in cars at this event including all electric cars and plug in hybrids. Find out which one fits your lifestyle as we move into a plug-in car future! We will also have the latest updates on some electric car chargers on track to be installed in Rapid City in the coming year! 

european recharge station.jpg

Owning an electric car can give you the ability to plug it in a normal 120v outlet at your home or just pull up to one of the many chargers that are showing up across the area. You can also have a fast charger installed at your house. 


Plug In America is a non-profit association of plug-in drivers providing education and advocacy for electric vehicles (EVs).

Why Drive Electric?

PERFORMANCE: Plug-in vehicles offer a quiet, smooth ride. AFFORDABILITY: Electricity costs less than half the price of gasoline. CONVENIENCE: EV drivers say goodbye to gas stations, oil changes, and tune-ups.

AIR QUALITY: Plug-in cars reduce air pollution, a leading cause of illness and premature death. NATIONAL SECURITY: Instead of sending fuel dollars overseas, support jobs with your local utility.

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