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    Local Foods Campaign

Welcome to the food directory, a consumer’s guide to eating locally, connects families to South Dakota farmers and food producers who are growing fresh, healthy, locally-grown vegetables, eggs, meats, grains, and other foods.


The directory contains over 100 listings from around the state, offers farmer-submitted recipes, and provides resources and tips for buying and storing locally-grown foods.

The drive to create the food directory came from DRA’s Small Farms Committee, a group of members committed to family farming and local food issues. The directory was created in an effort to increase support for local producers, to increase consumption of South Dakota products by South Dakotans, and to increase the number of small-scale producers in the state. It is part of the committee’s long-term vision to help connect and vitalize the people of South Dakota with good abundant food, clean and healthy communities, and economic prosperity.

To help support our local foods work, consider becoming a member of Dakota Rural Action! All of DRA’s work is member-driven, and joining not only allows you the opportunity to keep up to date on campaigns and projects we are working on, but it gives you the opportunity to become directly involved in the process. We hope you become a member today!

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Farmers Warehouse
Fresh Organic Vegetables
Homemade Preserves


Local Produce – Plants – Breads & Rolls – Desserts – Jams & Jellies – Salsa – Canned Goods – Honey – Eggs – Lamb – Beef – Buffalo – Artisan & Handmade Creations – Kettle Corn – Sandwiches – Icecream – Tacos – Hotdogs – BBQ – Entertainment & Education

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