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Sustainable Energy Campaign

Dakota Rural Action organizes campaigns that advocate to further the advancement of clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency in South Dakota.

For years DRA Members and the Community Energy Development (CED) committee have led campaigns that support the promotion of sustainable energy for South Dakota communities and rural development.

The Community Energy Development (CED) Committee focuses on statewide campaigns to reduce our dependency on conventional fuels for energy generation, including fossil fuels and nuclear.  We are focusing our efforts to promote energy efficiency measures and to make clean energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind more affordable and more accessible.  It also includes obtaining fairer generation credit rates from utilities and co-ops when excess electricity is sent into grid.   

2018 SD-PACE Campaign

A current focus of the CED Committee is a campaign to assist passage of HB 1301 South Dakota - this would enable Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to be used.  PACE is an innovative financing and economic development tool that is already available in 33 states. It would allow a voluntary and optional special tax assessment to be levied on a property resulting in a loan that can be invested in energy efficiency and clean energy generation projects.

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SD-PACE Fact Sheet

Sustainable Energy Blog

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