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Stop Uranium Mining Campaign

Knowledge is power!

To learn more about Uranium Mining in the Black Hills region go to Black Hills Clean Water Alliance

If ISL (in-situ leching) uranium mining is allowed to take root in the Black Hills, the process would deplete local resources with little or no benefit to our local economy, community, energy production, and agriculture – while ultimately posing risks to all mentioned. It threatens natural resources, quality of life, public health, local economy, tourism, and agriculture.


- Dakota Rural Action, Black Hills Chapter Campaign Statement

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2018 Uranium Mining Fact Sheet

Black Hills Clean Water Alliance


We are a diverse collection of citizens concerned about the health, environmental and economic impacts that proposed uranium mining projects would have on our communities, people, economy, and natural resources.


After much research and investigation we are convinced uranium mining would have dire consequences. Our goal is to prevent uranium mining in the Black Hills region and protect our valuable resources – especially our water – for future generations.

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