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EPA Public Comments Extended on Uranium in Black Hills

The EPA has extended the public comment period for the proposed Dewey Burdock Uranium Mining Permits n the Black Hills. The original deadline of 5/19/17 and has been extended to 6/19/17.

May 8th - 11th the EPA heard public comments in Rapid City, Hot Springs and Edgemont, 212 people gave public comments and 197 of those were in opposition. Please be a voice and submit your public comments today. If you are unsure what to include, please use the pre-formatted postcard, you can print, sign and mail or use the suggested comments. Click here to go to our Uranium Mining page to print off the postcard.

Public comments can be submitted by mail, email, or fax.


Valois Shea U.S. EPA Region 8 Mail Code: 8WP-SUI 1595 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO. 80202-1129

Fax: 303-312-6741


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